Skin Refinery System.

Skin Refining combines the best of eastern traditional skin health philosophies and advanced proven technology for wrinkles, fine line reduction, collagen remodeling. SRS treatments are designed for a V-shape facelift tailored for asian skin types without any downtime.

What are the 4 causes of accelerated skin aging?
  • Prolonged ultraviolet (UV) exposure damages the cellular layer and reduces the skin’s ability to retain hyaluronic acid.
  • Free Radical substitution from pollution prevents proper cellular renewal when activated by UV.
  • Hormonal changes as we age reduces the thickness of our skin, causing moisture loss.
  • Bone structure and gravity works together to accentuate our features, increasing creases and folds wherever we laugh and frown.
Who needs an SRS Facial?

We notice that visible signs of ageing start from as early as our late twenties. Products alone will not improve wrinkles, our bodies get used to the products after a while. This is why many women constantly switch brands of cosmetics, but with no long term result. We may not recommend the full SRS course to people with sensitive skin.

What does an SRS Facial target?

SRS facial target the collagen layer of the skin that products alone cannot reach. Botox and fillers are non-permanent ways to reduce wrinkles and enhance features. However, think of SRS as going to the gym for your skin. You are working your skin naturally to regain skin health and restore what is rightfully yours.

How long is a prescribed course of SRS treatment?

We recommend a course of between 6 to 10 treatments for most clients. SRS Collagen reformation has both an immediate and gradual effect. Subdermal heat from Tripolar RadioFrequency immediate compacts and firms the collagen layer for a lifting effect after the facial. Micro Needling and LED has more gradual effect over 3 weeks as collagen regrows and strengthens itself in the correct alignment for younger looking skin.

What technology do we feature in SRS Range?

Traditional Cupping creates negative pressure of facial meridian points for better circulation and skin health. Tripolar RadioFrequency provides concentrated subdermal heat that can remodel collagen effectively. Phototherapy via Light Emitting Diode (LED) through 3 light energy formats (Blue, Amber, Red) and Micro Needling (25um) induces a reflex curative process within the collagen layer. We combine up to 2 technologies for the most effective wrinkle reduction facial you will try.

Can I combine SRS with other facial treatments?

Yes, as each SkinPerfect range is designed for specific skin areas and type of problems, we usually combine facials for the most vertically integrated skin health approach.

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Skin Refinery System starts from $488 and will feature Tripolar RF or Meridian Cupping.
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