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    SkinSavers Deep Pore Cleanse.

    SkinSavers combines 40 Facial Therapy Options with 7 Machine Technologies for the most flexible and effective skin treatment system. You can build your own facial if you are a budding beauty guru, or let our dermal consultants determine the best course of treatment for you. SkinSaver technologies targets skin problems like, acne, dry combination skin, clogged pores, mild pigmentation and issues present of the surface of the skin.

    Why do you need a flexible skin treatment system?

    Our skin needs changes daily due to pollution, stress and skin renewal cycles.

    Stronger facial treatments require a supplementary facial treatment to reinvigorate the skin.

    A precise combination of machine treatments can be prescribed, which is more effective single machine treatments facials.
    47 Different Options. One Happy Face!
    As in all SkinPerfect facial treatments, our protocols are aesthetically inspired for safety and efficacy. We feature our range of SkinScience serums from Korea for the best product quality available.
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    Step 1
    Remove excess oil and impurities from your skin and helps improve its health and radiance.
    Step 2
    Exhances cell-turnover to reveal newer, healthier skin cells
    Step 3
    3 TONERS
    Soothes. nourishes and hydrates the skin while restoring its delicate pH balance
    Step 4
    Award-winning technologies your skin’s recovery
    Step 5
    Encouraging the presence of fresh, healing red blood cells
    Step 6
    Quality ingredients to address every skin deficiency
    Step 7
    Detoxifies, improves circulation and replenishes nutrients
    Step 8
    Keeps you looking great after every facial experience

    What is SkinSavers Facial perfect for?

    SkinSavers facial are created to target the epidermal and hornified layers of the skin. This is how 40 different types of skin therapies can most effectively directly condition the skin. We do not benefit in a one miracle product solution for skin problems. Individualized products contain higher concentration of active ingredients.

    How do you build a SkinSavers Facial?

    8 Step Preventive Facials are the most basic in prevention of blemish or supplementary to a stronger course of treatment. 12 Step Corrective Facials are comprehensive skin corrections treatments that can arrest and retard skin issues. 16 Step Restorative Facials are the most comprehensive treatments pathway that rejuvenate and reverse skin problems.

    What technology do we feature in SkinSavers Range?

    We feature Hi-Frequency as an essential first step to all facials to clean the skin and reduce the chance of infection. You can combine up to 3 machine treatments to treat various issues. Ultrasound provides anti-bacterial and infusion of products. Radio Frequency provides sub-epidermal heat energy for reformation of collagen. Scrubbers and Diamond Dermal provide exfoliation and promote skin renewal. Cryogenic Tool promotes circulation and pore size reduction. Galvanic restores the cellular function functionality by electrical stimulation.

    Smart Collagen Drink
    Designed to be your Perfect Post Laser and Peel supplement!

    High glucose (sugar) levels in your skin will cause AGE (Advanced Glycation End Products). This will lead to mottling, pigmentation and sagging of your skin

    Smart Collagen is made from a proprietary blend of natural ingredients, specially designed by scientists to reduce AGE (Advanced Glycation End Products) formation in your skin.

    Skin Science Products is scientifically formulated using a unique technology that makes it easy to be absorbed by your skin. It helps to reduce the collagen loss from your skin which prevents the skin from sagging, reducing pigmentation and mottling. It also helps to whiten your skin, giving you fairer and younger looking skin.


    “With just one visit, I could see a healthy glow in my skin. SkinSaver facial allows me to customise to suit my skin needs.”
    Sarah Chan, 30 (Banker)
    “I fall in love the first time I tried the products! DIY system allow me to try different facial time. Leaving your skin super fresh and clean.”
    Marissa Teo, 28 (Project Executive)
    “I’ve been trying it for a week now and it’s just amazing. My skin look so fresh and hydrated after SkinSaver facial.”
    Nicole Tan, 18 (Student)



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    Women’s Weekly Spa Awards 2017

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    “Best Skin Corrector Facial”
    Harper’s Bazaar Spa Awards 2015

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    “Best Face-Sculpting Treatment”
    SimplyHer Smart Shopper Facial Awards 2014

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