Saggy Skin and Loss of V-Shape.

Sagginess and a loss of v-shape and volume in our face is a common problem due to aging factors, gravity and a loss of muscle tone.

Sagging is the manifestation of aging.
As you age, you will learn to notice some changes in your skin layer. When collagen and elastin fibres in your skin weaken, your skin loses its firmness and elasticity. This gives your skin a loose, aged appearance. Your sebaceous glands make less essential oil as you years, causing your skin layer drier and extra susceptible to wrinkles.
Contributing factors to saggy skin.

Collagen and skin oil production drop and leads to skin being less elastic, less firm and drier. Fats and muscles around the skin degenerate, causing loose, saggy, lost of volume skin.

Sun exposure

Too much sun results in damage to the collagen and a compromised skin structure. This is the primary cause of early onset aging and speeding up the wrinkle formation.

Lifestyle choices

Lifestyle choices such as smoking and excessive alcohol consumption. They accelerate the body’s aging process and alter blood circulation to the skin.

Treatments for saggy skin & loss of volume.
Skin Refinery System

Skin treatment therapies rich in collagen, stem cells and hyaluronic acid help to restore and rebuild lost collagen. Combined with technology like Tripolar RadioFrequency, needleless fractional RF and microneedling to heal and stimulate new collagen formation. In addition, our traditional massage cupping systems helps store skin health with meridian point stimulation.

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