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    Magical Pore Extraction Facial

    The Magical Pore Extraction Facial has been specially formulated by us, with steps in the 90-minute facial programme that targets all the potential causes of pore formation. Besides the cleansing and massaging of effective products into the skin for pore reducing treatment, it also includes Hydrafacial: the suction mechanism of this machine, combined with exfoliation by salicylic acid, removes the dead skin cells which clogs the pores, as well as cleanses the pores deeply so as to reduce enlargement of pores.

    Types of Acne Pimple

    You may hear the term “breakout” used to describe all forms of acne, but this isn’t always an accurate
    description. Not all types of acne spread across the skin. Clogged pores cause acne itself.

    Benefits Of Extractions

    At SkinPerfect, we recommend extractions with every facial treatment to ensure that your journey to clear skin is fast and long lasting. If you’ve ever shied away from facial extractions during your visit, here are three reasons to convince you of the benefits of extractions:

    How Does It Works

    An extraction facial starts with a soothing deep cleanse of the skin, followed by gentle exfoliation and steam treatment. Steam causes the pores to relax and open, facilitating the extraction process. After your steam treatment, your skin care specialist will begin the extraction process using her hands or a specialized tool to effectively remove oil and other buildup from the pores. This process may cause some slight discomfort, but shouldn’t hurt. Your skin care specialist can adjust her technique if your skin is particularly sensitive. After your extraction facial, your skin may appear slightly flushed for a few hours. The soothing products you skin care specialist will use to round out your facial will help to minimize redness.

    Before and After

    At SkinPerfect, we have extensive knowledge and vast experience to provide you with the desired
    outcomes. View our Before and After images to see the amazing results from real people.

    * Results shown above may vary between individuals.

    Extractions Can Hurt?

    Different people have different pain thresholds. People with thicker, oiler skin are usually less sensitive, while people with thinner skin are usually more sensitive.

    How long is the extractions?

    Extractions shouldn’t last more than ten minutes. If you have a lot of blackheads and whiteheads, don’t expect to get rid of them in one session. Too many extractions at one time can be traumatic to the skin.

    Fingers Or Extraction Tool?

    Estheticians can remove blackheads with their index fingers, covered in cotton, by applying pressure to either side of the blackhead and gently coaxing it from the follicle. Some estheticians prefer to use a stainless steel tool that has a loop at one end. It’s faster and can get into awkward places, but some clients find it hurts more.

    Can Extractions Cause Damage If Not Done Correctly?

    Too much pressure can cause broken capillaries on people with sensitive, reddened skin (called couperouse). It can cause dark spots called hyperpigmentation on people with black skin. And inflamed areas should not be extracted, because the infection might spread.

    “With just one visit, I could see a healthy glow in my skin. SkinSaver facial allows me to customise to suit my sin needs.”
    Sarah Chan, 30 (Banker)
    “I fall in love the first time I tried the products! DIY system allow me to try different facial time. Leaving your skin super fresh and clean.”
    Marissa Teo, 28 (Project Executive)
    “I’ve been trying it for a week now and it’s just amazing. My skin look so fresh and hydrated after SkinSaver facial.”
    Nicole Tan, 18 (Student)



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