Living Facial Series.

Living Facial Series is Singapore’s first botanical facial treatment featuring probiotics as a healing component. We combine the most potent organic ingredients to give your skin an all-natural living organic facial system.

Living Capsule (Probiotic).
Probiotics are bacteria that line your digestive tract and support your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and fight infection. Probiotics promote the growth of good fauna and this reduces the cause of inflammation and sensitivity of skin. Every living facial can contain up to 25 billion probiotics.
Some of the other Power Ingredients we combine for specific results.

Bee Propolis
All natural anti-bacteria properties

Mulberry Extract
Anti-ageing and fairness

Turmeric Powder
Anti-acne and eczema

Tamarind Extract
Fight free radicals in tired skin

Aloe Vera Essence
Soothing and hydrating effect
Organic Facials – fact or fiction?

Organic facial are gentler on the skin. We use food grade products, this means that they more stringently tested. Organic facials may work where your skin cannot usually enjoy a regular facial because of the common stabilizers found in all beauty products, especially if you cannot isolate the particular allergen.

Is possible that my skin is too sensitive even for an organic facial?

This is improbable but possible.

Some say Probiotics only work for the stomach.

We have been told so, but careful testing have shown the subtle results from an organic facial is obvious against a placebo. Rather a moot test as an organic facial should be opposed against having no facial at all.

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Living Facials start from $188 for 40mins. This a gentle facial program for sensitivity and skin prone to break outs that need stabilization.
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