Frown Lines and Wrinkles.

As we age, our skin’s ability to retain moisture reduces as our skin becomes thinner from hormonal changes. Collagen formation is reduced from having less hyaluronic acid. Free radicals and sun damage cause skin to lose its elasticity. SkinPerfect believes that we can help restore and delay the effects of aging by increasing skin plumpness and body health.

Marionette Lines
Vertical lines around the mouth are known as marionette lines. These lines give the face a downturned expression that can make you look unnecessarily serious. Vertical lip lines can be caused by smoking, waxing or treading.
Focused Ultrasound and X3 Multipolar RadioFrequency will rebuild collagen within these static wrinkles and reduce more visible fine lines.

Nasolabial Folds
These ‘smile’ lines run from the edge of the nose to the corner of the mouth. They appear over time as repetitive smiling and gravity can cause skin to sag visibly.
SkinPerfect’s SMASLift featuring MicroDermal Roller and Focused Ultrasound can rebuild collagen and resurface multiple layers of skin.
Crow’s Feet
Fine lines form dynamic wrinkles around the eye as skin becomes thinner from perennial UV damage. Uneveness in crow’s feet on each side is common in Singapore.
An infusion therapy of SkinScience Retinol Serum and Multipolar RadioFrequency + PhotoTherapy can lighten skin while smoothening visible fine lines.

Frown Lines
Forehead bone structure and repetitive facial movement may lead to facial muscle tensions and eventual skin laxity, leaving static wrinkle lines as skin gets thinner over time.
SMASLift + SkinScience Bee Venom will restructure and thicken the collagen layer and relax muscles with botox-like effect simultaneously.
How to defeat wrinkles and fine lines?
Skin Refinery System

Skin therapies rich in collagen, stem cells and hyaluronic acid help to restore and rebuild lost collagen. SRS combined with technology like Tripolar RadioFrequency, needleless fractional RF and microneedling to heal and stimulate new collagen formation. In addition, our traditional massage cupping system helps to restore skin health with meridian point stimulation.

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