Dark Eyes Bags.

Dark eye circles is a common issue in singapore with our late nights. Icare therapies can radically help reduce dark eye circles.

Common causes of dark circles under eyes
The skin under the eye is thin and any of the following can cause these circles to darken:

  • aging
  • excessive hyperpigmentation
  • genetics
  • thin and translucent lower eyelid skin
  • shadowing that occurs when our skin loses its firmness and volume
  • bone structure of the eye socket, muscles around the eye
  • poor circulation of the veins around the eye
  • excessive and unprotected sun exposure
Eye circles treatment
iTherapy Kit

This treatment aims to lighten, hydrate and improve the circulation around the eye.
Topical treatments containing vitamin A, C or hyaluronic acid, yam extract,
Radio Frequency and Vibration Massage Applicator,
SkinScience Serums.